#3 Guided Meditation & Pranayama — 10min video

#3 Guided Meditation & Pranayama — 10min video

Meditation & Pranayama | Friday 16th April 2021
CyrièleBy Cyrièle

This new 10-minute meditation and pranayama practice calms the mind and relaxes the body. In this video we explore Kumbhaka, the retention of the breath - whether it is antara kumbhaka (internal retention) or bahya kumbhaka (external retention). Finally, the second part of this video is a guided meditation that works with Anahata chakra, the cardiac plexus chakra.

It's now been a year that the world has slowed down and we have had to adapt to the pandemic life. Each country manages as well as it can, according to what's available and its population. Here in the UK, we are just coming out of 4 long months of lockdown. Let's face it, it was difficult. Whilst we are finally coming out of this nightmare, France - which had chosen not to go with a lockdown at the beginning of the year - is forced to close its shops again and regulate people's movement.

In this difficult context, I wanted to offer a new meditation and pranayama video which I hope will help you find your center. Your balance, your inner peace. Do not hesitate to practice regularly. Meditation or any activity performed mindfully is not a silver bullet that fixes all of our problems in one take. It's a lifestyle, a habit to make. Through practicing, it becomes our default behaviour.

If you wish, you can use this Spotify playlist during meditation.

To practice yoga with me, check my Zoom live yoga classes (dynamic and static ) schedule. I teach 5 times a week, or you can find my video recordings via my yoga on demand platform.


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