Festive season picks

Festive season picks

Gear & accessories | Monday 10th December 2018
CyrièleBy Cyrièle

Let’s face it: festive season is great but sometimes it makes it harder to take time for self-care. With Christmas shopping to do, Christmas and NYE plans to prepare and all these mince pies and glasses of mulled wine that seem to spring up in front of you like mushrooms wherever you look. Less time, more temptation. It’s fine to indulge sometimes, but when I don’t make time for myself and miss my practice for more than a day, I personally feel out of sync with myself.

In order to avoid that period of the year to become even more stressful than it already is, I have a couple of tricks to make sure I take the time I need for myself. Firstly, I plan ahead; every weekend I book the classes I want to attend the next week. This makes it harder for me to cancel my me time and it gives a rational answer to my FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); I am not available because I already have other (amazing) plans.

But partying is great, right? I’ve always said « they’re are too many party outfits and not enough occasions to wear them ». Well, what about bringing the party outfits to the mat? This season’s selection will make you shine from the outside as much as your yoga practice makes your shine from the inside ;)

Festive season picks
  • Sequin Oversized T-shirt - I wouldn’t necessarily work out with this but it’s perfect for the pre/post class hang out.
  • Nike Power - Classic Nike leggings but with a twist. I love the see-through bands around the thighs and the subtle sparkling fabric.
  • Solstice Midi Top - Geranium - I love the length of this top, slightly longer than regular sport bras. Also, look at these lovely 2 embroidered moons in rose gold <3
  • Gemma x Georgia Horackova mat 3mm - I have literally had a crush on this yoga mat when I saw it. This is the collaboration between an Instagram influencer & yoga teacher Georgia Horackova and a French yoga props brand called Baya. The name of this mat is Gemma, in reference to a star. I've picked the 3mm mat but it exists in various thicknesses.
  • Rose Gold Ombré S'well bottle - Don’t forget to drink enough water guys. Not only does it makes you feel good, it also improves dramatically the quality of your skin. I try my best to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day everyday and given I have always only drank cold water (like, really cold), having a bottle that keeps my water cold for up to 24h is a real game changer. And this new rose gold shade is gonna match perfectly with the embroidered moons on the sport bra I mentioned earlier.


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Lo | Saturday 5th January 2019

J'adore ce tapis Baya ♥️

Eva84 | Saturday 5th January 2019

Je l'ai! Il est effectivement génial

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