YTT: Final week

YTT: Final week

My training | Tuesday 23rd October 2018
CyrièleBy Cyrièle

It’s 7am on Tuesday and I feel like I’m having a lie in. Almost all the students have left Sampoorna, only a few who are travelling before heading back home are attending the daily drop in classes. It’s pretty obvious that we’re having a hard time to let go. I felt that the energy during the last week of the training was really different. Although most of us were anxious with regards to the final test, the overall vibe was quite peaceful. We were focused and we were vibrating in unison.

During the first days of the week, we finished the few chapters that had yet to be covered, and we got some hints from our teachers as for what should be learned out of the 300 pages of the manual we were given on our first day. As I mentioned previously, the amount of information is huge and I definitely didn’t expect having to remember that many things. However, I’m really glad I did. I now know the main body muscles and their functions, which helps a lot when it comes to understanding one’s body’s limitations and how to overcome them. I’ve learned the 8 limbs of ashtanga, the Yamas and Niyamas, which I want to dig into even more and try and apply off the mat. I’ve learned to adjust students and modify postures. I’ve learned how to sequence a vinyasa class. But most importantly, I’ve learned balance. To feel energised yet quiet. Excited yet peaceful. And I’ve been shown the keys to get back there if for any reason I fell out of balance someday.

Last weekend felt a bit unreal. We spent our Saturday revising for the final exam, reading the manual and making final notes. Sunday started with the practical exam where we got to pick a posture randomly, demonstrate it, adjust it, mention its key and aim, modification, benefits & contre-indication. After breakfast (pancakes and homemade peanut butter <3) we had our anatomy, philosophy and asana written test. There were no trap or tricky questions that’s why I wouldn’t say this test was difficult. However you have to be serious, attend every class, and spend some time learning sanskrit names and body parts to succeed. On Sunday evening, we attended a fire ceremony to close the training. After it, we got our certificates and we went to the beach to celebrate. The graduation diner was the best Indian diner I ever had. So much food, and everything was delicious! I would have stayed there and ate all the food but the crowd started moving to a bar on the beach were some of us (myself included) indulged in a couple of gin & tonic as we hit the dance floor and celebrated the beginning of this new journey.

I am so glad I signed up for this yoga teacher training. I knew it would be an experience. I was told it would be life changing and it really is. Of course it depends on how open you are to change but personally, I embrace it all. I feel like it’s a new chapter starting for me and I can’t wait to start teaching classes back home. I’m gonna start looking at teaching community classes as I understand that’s how you’re added to cover lists in studios. I’m also gonna ask my workplace if they’d be interested in hosting yoga classes based on donation. I’ll start advertising for private classes too. But most importantly, I’ll carry on being a student, apply the things I’ve learned and deepen my practice on and off the mat :)


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